060802, Battlegroups announced!, Written by Blue
The list is up at We're gathering in #wow.bg3 on IRC, QuakeNet. Here's a list of the other servers in our group:

Earthen Ring RP Ravencrest PvP
Runetotem PvE Shadow Moon PvP
Shadowsong PvE Shattered Hand PvP
Silvermoon PvE Skullcrusher PvP
Spinebreaker PvP Stormrage PvE
Stormreaver PvP Terenas PvE
Thunderhorn PvE Turalyon PvE

060802, Waiting for 1.12, Written by Blue
As we are waiting for the next patch we will be updating this website with a listing of all movies that members of warders have released, together with download links. Naturally we'll update the list as we release new material. First new movie up will be a WSG game, filmed by one of our mages.

060721, Rheann reaches rank 14, Written by Blue
Another warder got to rank 14 this week! Here's a picture of Rheann posing with the grand marshal weapons of choice.

060706, Dajmex second movie, Written by Blue
Dajmex released his second movie yesterday. You do not want to miss it.

051115, Another 5on5 tour, Written by Blue
Dajmex made it to rank 14 last week, all according to our plan. We have only got a couple of characters left that need honor now, hopefully they will be done with their ranks before 1.9 so that we can all enjoy some first class world pvp in Silithus.

The second 5on5 event on stormscale was even more of a sucess than the first one, with more teams participating and a near flawless organization by Aneki and his crew.
Our team this week had a setup that was somewhat new to us, as some of our key players from last week's team couldn't participate. Throughout the tournament we managed to tighten up our games to get a second place finish in the end.
Expect to see more of us at the upcoming 5on5 event this friday.

051104, Stormscale 5on5 tour, Written by Blue
After 15 long weeks of grinding ranks I've finally reached rank 14 with Blå. This gives me time to focus on my next video, and the opportunity to gather clips from various locations and settings, rather than just from Arathi Basin like in my first movie.

This week Stormscale had it's first 5on5 event. I can't seem to find a good writeup on the event, but there was about 100 people total in the area around the Dire Maul arena, spectating and participating. After a couple of rounds to determine seedings the main event started - a double elimination tournament.
Our team finished the tournament with a flawless record, beating Mannel in the finals with 2-0.
Next week we will try our best to field two teams with decent class setups for the tournament, to claim both the first and the second prize!

051114, The Grand Marshal, Written by Blue
The man, the myth, Mr. Oteus McSlakt has made it to rank 14! And.. he will be the first one to keep on playing his character after he has reached his rank! Check back in for a movie by Oteus, scheduled for release sometime around christmas.

051011, Grand Marshals, Written by Blue
About three weeks ago Khaain hit rank 14. Any horde player and whoever has dueled him since then can confirm that he is now even more overpowered than he was before.
This week we got our second player to rank 14 when Thaara dinged grand marshal! Thaara has released a movie showcasing his overpoweredness, in doing so he might induce a huge paladin nerf. It's a risk he is willing to take in order to become famous!

050918, Arathi Basin, Written by Blue
With the arrival of the new patch came Arathi Basin. Since then it has been our home. Now, not even four full days after the patch, we've reached exalted reputation with The League of Arathor! As the "holiday" status started saturday morning, we won a bit more than 300 games to get there. Throughout all of these games we managed to lose no more than two of them, even though a bunch more were real close calls.

We are looking forward to more fun games in Arathi Basin over the next couple of weeks.

050812, A good friend, Written by Blue
Yesterday we were faced with the sad news that our good friend and teammate Mikael "Obi" Sundqvist died in a climbing accident on his trip to mount Kilimanjaro, Kenya.

Words can't even begin to describe the sorrow that we feel as we slowly start to understand that Mikael has passed on and wont be at our sides again.

Mikael has been a part of Warders for over three years and many of us knew him outside of computer gaming even before he joined the team. In contrast to his real life looks he chose a chubby dwarf as his first avatar in Dark Age of Camelot. A dwarf by the name Jenna. That's how many of you will remember him. We'll remember him as the great friend that he's always been.

We will miss you, Mikael.

050519, New additions, Written by Blue
We've made two additions to the team since our last update, Lotus and Beav both passed our tests with flying colors. The members section has been updated accordingly.

050430, A week of pvp, Written by Blue
We've added three new members during the last couple of weeks. Zeleta, Miraculix and Forell are all of the high standard that we're looking for in any possibly addition to the guild, and once we invited them they didn't hesitate to join us.
Throughout the week we've participated in all forms of pvp and we've done good anywhere we've shown up. We expect to see most of the higher standings on our honor sheets next week, much like this week.

We've been looking at inactivities and we are on the lookout for two or three new members. This is to fill the spots of people who aren't playing actively enough to reach the high standards that are required from any warder, at all times. If you feel like you have what it takes, do contact us. If we're interested we will test you for some time before we give you thumbs up or down.

050310, As time goes by, Written by Blue
A month after World of Warcraft went live in europe nearly half the guild has reached level 60. We're grinding it out in the high end instances for items to get us into shape for pvp.

050219, Nöt ba nöt, Written by Blue
About a week after World of Warcraft went live in europe we are doing good. We've got the five highest players in the Alliance and almost all of the warders have crossed the level 40 line with five players who are nearly 50.

050206, Retail nearly here, Written by Blue
We're making things happen before retail is here. We're currently looking at classes and how much everyone will be able to play, to make the leveling experience as smooth as possible. We're also making a couple of final adjustments to the team - adjustments that will be visible on the members page in a couple of days from now.

Finally, I'd like to make it clear that we are not 100% set for any given server. We realize that as we've picked Alliance we're able to choose freely between two of the most competitive servers and still be certain that we'll be facing ample competition.

050124, The final beta, Written by Blue
We're currently playing the final beta on pvp server 8. About 15 people have reached 40 and leveled beyond that point. Some of our players need to focus on irl business and thus aren't able to play as much as they would like. However, everyone will be ready when retail hits us.

041213,, Written by Blue
The site is now up. We've also gone official with our choice of faction and server for the retail, as posted in this thread. We will be playing as alliance on the pvp server where things will be happening.

If you need to contact us, you'll find us in #warders on QuakeNet.

041210, Warders of the 7th Sigil, Written by Blue
For the last couple of days we've been working hard to find the people we want for Warders of the 7th Sigil in the World of Warcraft universe. Things are shaping up and we're ready to announce the website, complete with a list of members. You'll find that a lot of the names listed in the members section are old school Warders, which is what we were aiming for. We've also added a couple of new Warders to round things out. All together the team has a great feeling to it.

041201, Old School, Written by Blue
We've notified a couple of old school Warders and they have shown their interest in a team for World of Warcraft. We'll keep you updated as the list of names grow.

041110, World of Warcraft, Written by Blue
We're trying out the open beta of World of Warcraft. It's about as promising as any mmorpg gets. We'll be looking at what kind of team we can put together for the EU release.