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You'll find us in #warders on QuakeNet.


Warders of the 7th Sigil was founded on the 18th of June 2000 with the intention of beeing one of Europe's finest Diablo 2 PVP-guilds. A goal that we achieved in the early days of the game. We brought home two of the three cash prizes in the very first PVP-tour which was hosted by

Next stop for Warders of the 7th Sigil was Dark Age of Camelot where we pretty much dominated Prydwen, one of the two english speaking servers, for quite some time. Eventually the opposing factions closed in on us, organization wise. Unfortunately it happened when we had lost interest in the game.

This time we're gathering old friends and foes from both the Diablo 2 and Dark Age of Camelot scenes to bring you an even better version of the guild. Expect to see a lot of our names on the server of our choice.

Written 2004-12-13
Andreas "Blue" Isaksson
Warder since 2000-06-18